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What's CANBUS Led Light?

The canbus light is led car light which can solve the problem of error report.if you installed the common bulbs in some cars like BMW,AUDI ,Benz,canbus light will report that some bulbs can not work.that is because of the power of common bulb do not reach the requirement. how to solve this problm? the answer is canbus we all know, normal LED’s will not work on new cars with canbus wiring and the car on board computer will reject them. that’s the reason why more and more car owners want to look the new led for their car, so canbus light come out.

New technology high power LED canbus light series which are a bright daylight white matching with normal LED replacement and original HID systems. these bulbs are used when your vehicle has a bulb warning system on sidelights or interior lights and also those cars with Canbus systems like BMW, Mercedes etc which eliminates the requirement for the development of car technology, these are one of the most powerfull LED lights on the market at present. it is usually used as sidelight or for number plate illumination. Built-in current limiting resistor and diode to protect the LED from reversed polarity +/– installation (If you insert them into the socket and they don’t light, turn them oppositely and they will light).