Car Audio Radio Aux-in 2RCA Cable AUX Adapter for Alpine KCA-121B JVC Ai-net Player 9887 105 117 9855

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Compatible For:
For Alpine ai-Net
For JVC KS-U58 PD100 U57 U29

Play your music through your radio head unit (must have AL-PINE AI-NET CD changer input)
Hear your music in much better quality then other iPOD connections.
Easily installed in your car
You can't connect a CD Changer to the head unit at the same time while this cable is connected.
Just plug one end of this cable into the CD changer input in the back of your stereo and the other end to the mini jack input on the device.
Control and display remain on the audio device -- the AL-PINE head unit will NOT control or display text.
In order to use this accessory, the Al-pine head unit manual must indicate Aux. input option using a KCA-121B adapter.

KCA-121B interface cable dedicated Ai-NET/RCA opening method:
Such as the 2004 and 2003 parts factory after having AI-Net interface hosts can install
the CDA-7894, CDA-7893, CDA-7809,CDA-9805, CDA-9807, CDA-9811, CDA-9812, CDA-9813, CDA- 9815, CDA-9827, CDA-9857,CDA-9830, CDA-9831, CDA-9833, CDA-9835, CDA-7998, CVA-1004, IVA-D300, IVA-D900, INA-N333 CDA-9805, CDA-9807 and other host Setting method:

AUX mode setting (V-Link) :
Press and hold the "Power POWER / INITILIZE" button for 3 seconds or more,
Press the DN or UP select "AUX".
Press the PLAY / PAUSE button can "AUX IN ON" and "AUX IN OFF" modes.
So that you can put disc box interfaces used as AUX input, but also with a dedicated cable connection KCA-121B, KCA-420I to connect!
CDA-7894, CDA-7893, CDA-7809,CDA-9811, CDA-9813, CDA-9815, CDA-9827, etc.

Host setting method: AUX mode setting (V-Link):
Press and hold F / SETUP button for at least 3 seconds.
Press the DN or UP select "AUX".
Press BAND in "AUX IN ON" and "AUX IN OFF" modes. NOTE:. The original factory setting for the AUX IN OFF. . In AUX IN ON is set, you can press the DN or UP button to set the AUX mode display, select the AUX mode display setting, and then press the TUNE button. . Versatile Link connection when connecting seat (KCA-410C), you can set two AUX mode display.
Press the SETUP button to return to normal mode.
To adjust the volume function, first press the SOURCE button and select the AUX mode, then make the necessary adjustments.

When using the Versatile Link connection seat (KCA-410C), you can connect two external input devices. Press the BAND key to select the host mode.
After completion of the above settings, how you want to enjoy your favorite music all OK, but when the AUX function is set to open when your original disc box control functions can not be used.
Simply plug in the radio specific DIN connector of this cable into the back of your AL-PINE AI-NET radio. At the other end of the harness, plug in the device , with the 3.5mm headphone traditional audio output; and enjoy the sound you have come to expect from your quality mobile devices.